GMP Training Classes


Perhaps the greatest advantage of providing on-site GMP training for your employees is the chance for everyone to learn together, do small group exercises, ask all their questions, and debate their opinions.

This kind of learning facilitates teamb uilding and trust within your group.

In our instructor-led training we are able to share real-world examples that help shed light on both the "what" and the "why" of GMP compliance.

Another advantage of on-site GMP training is that certain GMP topics are simply better taught in a group class setting because in the real world they are almost always executed as a team. Prime examples of such GMP activities are FDA inspections, product recalls, and investigation of serious adverse event complaints.

We will train your FDA Inspection Team how to prepare for inspection, conduct themselves during an inspection, and how to handle all post-inspection communications with the FDA.

No event in the life of a company is more stressful than product recall. We will train your Product Recall Team how to proceed in a clear and carefully documented step-wise fashion.

Serious adverse event complaints must be identified quickly, handled professionally, and reported to the FDA correctly. The stakes are high.

When you're looking for an on-site GMP Training instructor, please give us a call.